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About Grandpa’s Tees

Grandpa Tom

My name is Tom​. I am ​the grandpa at Grandpa's Tees and an online marketer.

​I created this website to showcase my print on demand designs and to document my progress in this latest venture. I hope what I learn along the way may help you be successful at POD too.

I have been interested in making money online for many years but my past efforts never came to very much. I would put in some effort, make just a few dollars and give it up as not worth my time. My venture into print on demand design feels different though. I truly believe this can be a success.

​My ​career always made it hard to find the time to devote to a serious effort at making money online. Now though, I am retired and I am determined to make a success of Internet marketing.

While I am lucky that my years of employment ​have given me the resources for a relatively comfortable retirement, I want to do more. I want to stay active with challenges that help keep me active mentally sharp. I want to have the extra money and the time to enjoy my hobbies of aviation, travel, photography and genealogy as well as to be able to afford the toys that go with them. ​

A print on demand design business fits very well  with the retirement lifestyle. I can work anywhere I choose and spend as much or as little time at it as I want to.

So - Welcome to Grandpa's Tees I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often!

You can find my designs at the following links:

​Amazon: https://grandpastees.com/amazon

Redbubble: https://grandpastees.com/redbubble

TeePublic: https://grandpastees.com/teepublic

Thank you for stopping by,