August Earnings

Monthly Results For August

I sold more book on KDP in August than I did in July but the dollar amount was less. Both numbers were well under what I had hoped for.

August Results

I had a few sales on Redbubble but that only came to $13.88. I am starting to push this account and the TeePublic store harder. There is potential with these if I can just crack the code.

Future Plans

Right no I am trying to add designs targeted at Q4 of this year. That mainly means Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas although I am also doing more evergreen designs that would, hopefully, sell as gifts during the holiday season.


Creative Fabrica and Vexels are my favorite sources of graphics, fonts and POD designs. Creative Fabrica also has many KDP interiors that I am finding useful.

Pixabay and Pexels are other occasional sources of graphics.

Profit First

I have also learned about another business tool or system that I am excited about. It is the Profit First system from Mike Michalowicz. This can be a real game changer for me and should make this POD business profitable, even with low sales.

The basic principal is that we should take out profit first then use the remainder for expenses. That is just the opposite of generally accepted accounting principals.

By using this system along with You Need A Budget, which I have been using for years, I am assured that I will make money.

I am hopeful about the future and look forf=ward to better results!