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Better Than Greeting Cards

Gift Books

I have been thinking about using low content books as a replacement for greeting cards. I think anyone would be happy to receive a handy notebook or journal that they can actually use instead of a card that just gets shoved into a drawer (or thrown away).  For $5 to $7, which is not out […]

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Print On Demand And Covid-19


To the printed product customers who have contacted me about delays in receiving your orders, I am truly sorry you are experiencing this!​How POD Works​I want to start with a brief introduction to the print on demand process. An artist or design, like me, creates text and or images that ​they believe will look good on […]

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KDP January Results

Red Spider Journal

​I put my first low content books on Amazon Kindle Print On Demand January 10th 2020. Those early additions went live on the 12th and 13th. Since then I have added 150 notebooks, logs, journals and other books. 135 of them were live as of the 31st. My first sale did not occur until 30 […]

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Low Content Books On Kindle Print On Demand

Camping Journal

Camping JournalA few months ago I tried uploading a low content book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). That ​camping journal never sold and I didn’t follow up with more designs. I got involved with Merch by Amazon and dropped the ball on KDP. ​A few days ago I came across that book I had uploaded […]

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Find Your Thing On Redbubble

Redbubble Artwork

​​Redbubble is a well organized way to find exceptional work from creative artists. You will find wall art, apparel, home decor items and accessories to match any taste and style.  From photography to illustration to text only t-shirts – Redbubble has something for everyone. Are you creative? Check out RedBubble, where you can exhibit and sell […]

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Offering Custom Print On Demand Service

Custom POD Service

​The print on demand business has become super competitive as more and more people jump in for, what they think, is easy money. It is also a ripe environment for copycats. Any design that sells will have people copying it in hopes of cashing in on that success. I think many of them will drop out […]

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Adding a New Supplier

Grandpa's Tees on TeePublic

​I had not planned on adding a third print on demand supplier just yet but my mind was changed by a post on the Redbubble blog. I have added a few designs to TeePublic for just one reason. ​Redbubble ​owns the company and I hope to move forward with them. As a Redbubble user and fan, I […]

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Trying Different Platforms – Etsy and Redbubble

Grandpa's Tees

In the long run, I hope ​Merch by Amazon will be my primary platform for selling t-shirts on the Internet. So far it has been a slow process getting started there though. I am still on tier 10 and, from what I read, it may take months to begin getting sales. That’s why I need […]

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Merch Informer – I Made The Leap

Merch Informer Search

​From the very first day I started looking into Merch By Amazon, I have seen the software Merch Informer mentioned. I seems to be used by almost every serious Merch user. It is THE tool used for researching niches and t-shirt ideas.​I knew I wanted it but I thought I should but off the purchase […]

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Learning About Merch By Amazon


​To make my print on demand business successful, I have to learn how to get the most out of Merch By Amazon. It is ​going to be my primary print on demand service ​so it is important that I master it. One of my April goals it to find good resources for my study. Here […]

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