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​Do You Need A Custom T-Shirt Or Other Printed Product?

​I can help you get the design you need and make it available on Amazon or Redbubble. Keep reading to see how it works.

​What Do You Need?

Water Bottle

​T-Shirts and other print on demand (POD) products are a great way to get the word out about your web page, blog, store, band, reunion, wedding, fundraiser or other event. Really, anything you want to promote can be publicized with POD.

The usual way to get these products is to take your logo or design to a local printing shop and have a bunch of shirts, mugs, water bottles or whatever it is you want printed made up.

There are drawbacks to doing that though. You have to guess and how many you can distribute. Is there a minimum order size? How many of each size and color do you need? How will you get them to your customers or followers?

​Besides all that, you are going to have to pay the printer up front even before you distribute a single tee! What happens if your event is canceled - you are still on the hook for the cost.

​How I can Help You

​I can help you overcome the drawbacks of buying printed products by working with you do get them printed on demand. Here is how it works.

​You let me know what design you want printed and on what products. The design could be your logo, a photo, you artwork or just an image that represents your idea.

I work with you to make sure the design looks good on the products and let you have finally approval before posting them of the POD page.

I use Amazon, where you can choose t-shirts of hoodies, and Redbubble which offers dozens of products from apparel to phone cases to clocks, mugs and much more.

Once posted, I give you an exclusive URL to access your products. You make the decision about how you will use that link.


​If you want publicity and don't care about making money from the design, you can promote the link to your visitors and clients. They go to the site, order ​the products they want in the sizes and colors they choose and have them shipped directly to them. You don't handle the sale or delivery - it is all done for you.

If you want to make a little extra money from the products, there are a couple ways to do that.

First, you can take orders, collect the money and then order the products from you private URL. You can have ​the products sent to you to distribute o​r they can go directly to the buyer.

Second, we can work together to offer the products at a markup. Your clients will order what they want at a price ​you and I determine together. The royalties will be paid to me and I will send you your share through PayPal.

​Regardless of how ​you decide to distribute the products, you wont have to worry about how many to order. POD sellers can deal with any size order from a single t-shirt to thousands of varied products. In the event there are no sales, like in the case of a canceled event, you pay nothing.

​What I Need From You

​To get started, just sent me an email at

Tell me what kind of products you need, if you are doing publicity or want to make some money and what image and text you want to use. If you can, attach the image you want to use to this first email. The best formats in order of best quality for print on demand are:

  1. 1
    .psd - Photoshop layered file
  2. 2
    .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics
  3. 3
    .png - Portable Network Graphics
  4. 4
    .tif - Tagged Image File
  5. 5
    .jpg - Joint Photographic Experts Group - these are often of too low a quality to print well on products  but if it is all you have I will try

Once I get your email, I will be in touch with you throughout the process so we can work together to achieve the result you want.

​Let's get started!