December 2020 Earnings

The holiday season was good to me. December was, by far, my best month yet for POD sales. My total royalties were $142.43 making this my first month over $100.

Here is the breakdown by platform.

Family T-Shirts

I did not make any sales on TeePublic. I would drop that site except that is is very easy to add designs there at the same time that I add them to Redbubble. Any sales there are gravy.

Speaking of Redbubble, I did $28.56 in royalties there this month. 

On Merch By Amazon I made $8.24. I don't know what to do about this site. I haven't found the secret to making money there but I am still trying.

That leaves Kindle Direct Publishing which was far and away my best platform. $105.63 of my earnings came from KDP. 

December Earnings Redbubble

Over the year of 2020 I did more that $500 on KDP alone. Now, my challenge is to get that amount every month and, long term, to make over $500 per week from all plateforms.

I keep studying and learning so, hopefully, I will get there!