Earnings For November

I had hoped my November earnings would be up  a lot from October as Q4 continued but they were actually only slightly higher because of lower KDP sales. The total from all platforms came to $115.58 compared to 105.19 last month

I sold fewer books on KDP (38 vs 53 last month) and earnings were down from $74.04 to $65.09. This is still my best money maker and I hope December is back on track for higher sales numbers.

November KDP Sales

Redbubble sales were actually up a little from October at 36.89. I really hope this amount will continue to grow as I concentrated my non-book POD efforts on this platform.

I also had small sales on TeePublic. It was only $6 but at least it was something. I put the same designs on here as I do on Redbubble so it isn't much extra work.

Christmas Flea

I had four sales on Merch By Amazon for a total of $7.60. This platform remains a disappointment. Maybe I will find some time to try improving my listings but, so far, the return just hasn't been worth the effort.

I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous holiday season. Here is to a good December and a great 2021!