Earnings For October

Well, the first month of Q4 2020 was my best month yet by a long ways. I had good sales on KDP and Redbubble for a total of $105.19.

KDP is still my best platform. I hit $74.04 with 53 books sold for the month of October. Halloween books helped that total. I have learned a lot from my work with low content books and I am getting sales on a larger number of them.

October 2020 Earnings

Redbubble sales were higher than any other month so far but still only $29.09. I did sell some higher priced items like hoodies and sweatshirts. I hope I will continue to build on this. I am doing research to learn how to increase Redbubble sales. Hopefully some of those ideas will work for me.

Plant Mama

I even had one sale on Merch By Amazon this month. It has been a long time since any of those tshirts sold!

I would love to get established on Merch and have consistent sale but I just haven't cracked that code yet.

I really hope the rest of Q4 is strong and that I can carry what I am learning into 2021 and beyond. I don't just want one good quarter, I want to have good sales all year long!