Great February Results

After a good Q4 2020 and an even better January, I was expecting a let down for February but that didn't happen.

Great KDP Results

I had another best month ever from KDP with almost $159.00!

February Results From KDP

I have been learning more about niche research and keywording and it is paying off. I have also learned a little about the Amazon search algorithm and how to make the most of it. I am just getting started with that education and I have a lot more to learn.

KDP Book

I hope I can keep growing this business in the coming months. 

It is only a few days into March so I don't want to get over confident but, so far, sales are running ahead of February.

Other POD Earnings

My other POD accounts have not been fairing so well. I think that is partly because I have been spending so much of me time on KDP that I have neglected those other sites and partly because I haven't done enough research on how to make more sales  there.

I had no sales on TeePublic in February. Only one sale on Merch By Amazon for $2.37 and just $5.42 on Redbubble.

I know I have to work on these sites more but it is hard when KDP is doing so well.