January Earnings Report

After a pretty good Q4, with December being my best month ever, I was expecting a drop off in January.

That proved to be true for Redbubble and Merch By Amazon but not for KDP or TeePublic.

My Redbubble sales only came to $4.39 and Merch was only $5.45.  I should be paying more attention to Redbubble since I believe there is some good potential there. I will try to improve those results. I rally don't think Merch By Amazon is going to work for me and I don't plan to spend much time on it.

After no sales at all TeePublic in December, I made a couple in January. Sales were only  $4.00 but at least it was something. I don't spend a lot of time with this platform either but it is easy to add designs at the same time I add them to Redbubble.

So, that leave Kindle Direct Publishing. I was pleasantly surprised when my January sales totaled $102.22 which was only down $3.41 from December. I did sell 9 fewer books but the ones I did sell were for higher prices.

January KDP Results

KDP is obviously the one site I need to concentarte most of my effort on with Redbubble a second potential source of future income.