KDP February Results

Garden Planner

​By February 12th I had uploaded over 300 low content books to Kindle Direct Publishing but​, 125 of those were still in review status - some going back as far of the 4th of the month.

I decided to ​slow my uploads for a few days to let Amazon catch up and to do more research into ​the LCB ​business. During that time I watched videos on YouTube and read blog posts by successful LCB marketers.

By the end of the month KDP was almost caught up and I had uploaded another 50 books.

Publisher Rocket

I did continue to design and upload a few books every day ​using the information I was learning. By the end of the month I was over 350 books with only ​27 left in review. I also added another tool called Publisher Rocket to help with keyword and niche research. I greatly speeds up the process of finding keywords that are actually being searched on Google and Amazon.

So how did I do for the month? I sold 15 books for almost $30. Not a spectacular result but progress from January.​

February Results

​Up to now, I have been using ​content templates from Book Bolt and Tangent Templates for my book interiors.

While they have some great ones that I will continue to use, I also want to start creating my own customs interiors. Those will be different from what everyone else is using and, I hope, will make my books stand out.

I will be working on several goals for ​for March including:

  • ​Get my book count to over 500 books
  • ​Design several custom interiors
  • ​Sell at least 30 books - average at least 1 book per day
  • Refine the keywords for many of my existing books as I learn more about keywording

​Slow and steady progress is what I am after with this business. I plan to grow it every month.