KDP January Results

Red Spider Journal

​I put my first low content books on Amazon Kindle Print On Demand January 10th 2020. Those early additions went live on the 12th and 13th. Since then I have added 150 notebooks, logs, journals and other books. 135 of them were live as of the 31st. My first sale did not occur until 30 Jan. and I only had 2 total sales for the month. Still, it is a start.

​I am not concerned about only getting two sales because January was a learning month for me. I watched plenty of YouTube videos and read blog posts from successful KDP marketers like Rachel Harrison-Sund​ and ​StackinProfit. I feel like I got better at this business as the month went on. 


​I also joined two pa​id programs that I have found very helpful for research and for interior and cover design templates.

The first one I joined was BookBolt. The offer ready made interiors but, the most important tools they offer are ones that help with niche and keyword research. I am learning that those are ​critical to making sales on KDP. If you decide to try BookBolt, use code thomas20 for 20% off.

​The second paid program I am using is Tangent Templates. Besides offering many well designed interiors, they also provide listing helpers, custom design tools and ​more.

​January was just a jumping off point. I look forward to continually improving results as I get better at this business in the coming months.