Learning About Merch By Amazon

​To make my print on demand business successful, I have to learn how to get the most out of Merch By Amazon. It is ​going to be my primary print on demand service ​so it is important that I master it. One of my April goals it to find good resources for my study. Here ​are some of the best I found so far.



​YouTube is one of my go to places for learning about everything. Merch and POD in general are no exception. The best I have found so far include these. Click the titles to go directly to the channels.

Merch Campus - This channel is totally focused on strategies and tips for using Merch. They have videos aimed at all levels experience from newbies like me to ​Merch experts. I am already learning a lot here.

Merch Elephant - ​I found some good videos on this channel and I subscribed to see the new ones. It is not strictly about Merch By Amazon though since there are Etsy videos mixed in. Still a good resource though.

Ben Smith - Merch By Amazon -  This is the most recent channel I found. There are a lot of videos here and the couple I viewed so far have had good information. I will be watching more.

​Merch Itself


​Be sure to click on the Resources tab on the Merch By Amazon site. There is a lot of important information on these pages. Some of it is legal and policy details that you need to know to stay out of trouble with Amazon other sections are more about making the most of the program

​You can learn about best design practices, how royalties are calculated and how to promote your designs. The FAQ section should answer most of the questions you have about Merch and POD.

Finally, be sure to download the product templates. They will help you make designs that comply with the March guidelines.


Merch Blueprint

​What better place to find books about Merch than on Amazon itself? I have downloaded a few for Kindle and am just getting started reading them now but here ​are the ones I found.

​There are affiliate links in this section but the recommendations are real.

Merch by Amazon Blueprint: Six Figure T-Shirt Business In One Year With Amazon Merch by Passive Income: This Kindle book is from the creators of a popular Merch software tool called Merch Informer. It is the ​most readable for beginners book ​I have found so far. By the way, it is free!

Merch Zero to Hero: A Modern, Comprehensive Guide to Merch by Amazon by Antonis Tsagaris: I am just getting into this one but it looks like it has some good ideas in it.

Merch by Amazon: Make $10,000 Per Month in 90 Days or Less, Passive Income Blueprint to Make Money on Amazon by Dale Strong: I haven't read this one yet. I makes some big claims in the title. I will see if it lives up to those claims.

​Facebook Groups


​There are two types of Facebook groups that cater to Merch users.

First are the groups that let you post your designs to get exposure. That is a good idea and I am sure I will use some of those groups in the future. Once I have a bunch of designs online these groups could be helpful.

​Second are the groups for Merch users looking for tips and techniques to make better use of the platform. These are the groups I am interested in now. I joined a couple that look good.

Merch By Amazon Success: Here is the description from the group admin: "This is the group for active, forward-thinking Merch By Amazon sellers who want to make their Merch business a huge success." So far, it look promising.

Merch by Amazon Mastermind: This seems to be one of the most popular Merch groups on Facebook and I have seen some good info but, it is not strictly about Merch. A lot of the posts are about other platforms.

​I will certainly keep looking for good resources as I move forward in this venture. I will share the best with you.