Moving Up To Tier 25 On Merch

​At almost exactly two months into my new print on demand business I have finally moved up to the next tier on Merch By Amazon. That means I can now have 25 designs live on Amazon and I can upload 3 designs a day.

Sales From Tier 10

​To get here I needed to sell 10 shirts while on tier 10. I get the 10th sale ​on May 29th.

First Grade

​To ​achieve the sales I needed to move up I actually bought 5 of the shirts myself ​while other Amazon shoppers bought the other 5.

My best selling t-shirt is the one shown here.  It is for Kindergarten students moving on to first grade. I think it sold as well as it did because of timing. It is near or at the end of the school year in most places in the US.

​I hope to get more organic traffic now that I will have a larger number of shirts available and I hope the next tier up will take less time than this one did. I need 15 more sales to move up to Tier ​100.