New Designs – Mostly Teespring

​Here are some of my latest t-shirt and other printed on demand designs. Since my Merch By Amazon tier is full, these are mostly from Teespring. I did delete a design from Amazon and replace ​it with different ones so I will show th​at ​first.

Mom Boss

​I would rather have switched the words Mom and Boss but it seems that phase is trademarked. So Mom Boss is what I used.

Jumping over to Teespring, I did a very simple t-shirt for dads in two variations, One says Dad and the Other Daddy. I am hoping to catch the Father's Day shoppers.

Thi sIs My Dad
This Is My Daddy

​In my fist designs post I showed one for northern Wisconsin with a Wolf head on it. I actually did three versions of that with the wolf, a bear and a whitetail deer. Then one variation where I replaced the word Northwoods with Wild. By the way, the wolf head shirt is the one I removed from Merch so it is only on Teespring now.


​That last one is a sweatshirt of course. All the designs on Teespring are available on many products including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and even mugs, totes, stickers and more. That is one reason I may stick with Teespring long term. So many more products to print on than Merch offers.

I made one tee with printing on front and back. I's not sure if I like it though. Some days I do and some days I ​think it is just too corny. It is in the store though.

When I grow Up Front
When I grow Up Back

​There is one more kind of silly one that I put up after doing some research on popular designs. It seems people like shirts that procalim their preference for eating meat.

Tasty Animals

​Back to tees with graphics, I made two versions of a genealogy themed design. One is simple and the other more detailed. Also, I show the second on on a tote although it is availble on shirts too. I think genealogy is a great example of a niche that works well on totes since they ate handy for carrying materials on research trips.

So Many Ancestors
Ancestors Tote

​Finally, here is a variation for the first design I featured in this post. I made a version of the Mom Boss design with a graphic. It works well on several different products including mugs, cell phone cases, wall hangings, pillows, posters and totes as well as shirts.

Mom Boss Mug
Mom Boss iPhone
Mom Boss Tee

​More designs will be coming but this is all for this post. I welcome your comments and questions. Tell me about your design experience and let us see what your are working on.