Offering Custom Print On Demand Service

Custom POD Service

​The print on demand business has become super competitive as more and more people jump in for, what they think, is easy money. It is also a ripe environment for copycats. Any design that sells will have people copying it in hopes of cashing in on that success.

I think many of them will drop out when they find it is harder to make anything than they expected. Then the supply wont be so much higher than the demand.

In the mean time, it is very hard for new comers like me to make any sales. The market is just so flooded with product. ​

To try to get through this tough time, I am trying a different approach to selling POD products.

Winging It

I now offer custom services for people looking for a single design to promote an event, website, blog or business.. 

It doesn't pay for these people to set up a POD account and it is often cost prohibitive to order batches of t-shirts for other products from a local or online printer.

I now offer to list their design through my POD accounts so they get the benifit of print on demand with none of the hassle.

​I hope this new approach will help me get more immediate sales and promote my brand going forward.

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