Results For April

​April Results

​My April results were slightly better than March but not by much. I had 23 book sales on KDP, 5 Redbubble sales and none on Merch By Amazon which was still closed. I also has 1 sale on TeePublic even though I ha​d not been adding products there.

March Results

​​The results of my other April ​goals were a mixed bag. 

I achieved my goal of having 750 books online and by May 1 all of those were active except one that was blocked for using the word Coronavirus. Apparently they only allow that term in medical books.


I missed my goal of 50 low content books by a lot. I only managed to upload 10 by the end of the month. They are a lot of work so I will have to lower my planned totals for those in the coming months.

While I didn't do too many low content books, I did try to make my no content products more specialized to try to reach lower competition niches.

I did work on improving keywords for many of my existing books and ​continued using Publisher Rocket to help with that.

Publisher Rocket

I read a lot of tutorials on Amazon Ads and started using a method for placing ads that I feel comfortable with. As I see results I will probably have to refine my technique but I am comfortable with it for now.

The Stay At Home order for Illinois has now been extended to the end of May so not much is changing there.

A piece of good news is that Merch by Amazon is slowly reopening in the US. I hope I will see a few sales there in May.

​May Goals

​For May, I am going to set goals that, I hope, will contribute to increasing sales by concentrating on quality and not so much on quantity of products.

  • ​I will continue to add books on KDP but work on more content in the books I add. Activity books, puzzles and custom planners and journals seem like good areas to concentrate on
  • ​I will get more active on Redbubble again since sales picked up a little there in April. I can also add some of those designs to TeePublic
  • ​I am going to do more and better advertising
  • As always, I plan to improve my keywording and concentrate on low competition high demand niches.

​Let's hope the ​life returns to more normal over the coming months and we can put this pandemic behind us!