September Earnings

Butterfly T-Shirt

September was another disappointing month for sales but a good month for learning about the POD business.

I had no sales on Merch by Amazon or TeePublic. I did add a lot of design to TeePublic and have now started to replace designs on Merch. I hope what I have been learning about keywording, description writing and niche research will lead to sales on both platforms in Q4.

I did have sales on Redbubble but not many. Only $7.43 for the whole month. I am adding more designs to this site too.

KDP was the only platform where I had more sales in September than in August but not by much. $28.76 for the month is not anywhere near where I hope to be.

September Earnings

I really hope Q4 sales are going to be much better for me. That will not only bring in more money but, I hope, get my products more recognition and better placement on the POD sites.