Updates And A Problem

​It is time to do a little catching up. I have been busy with designing and posting new t-shirts and other products. I have a few comments to make about that and one thing that I see as a problem.

​Adding New Designs And Updates

Eagle Shirt

​I have been very busy with adding designs to Redbubble that were already on Merch by Amazon or Teespring. That accounts for about 25 designs. Beyond that, I have added those designs to other products from art prints to clocks to blankets. Most of my designs are on at least 50 products.

I have also added many new designs. Some of them, like this eagle shirt, just didn't work with the t-shirts on Merch. I am now up to 52 designs on RB and still going strong.

​On the Merch front, I have made two more sales beyond the first sale I posted about before. That is something at least but it is still going slow. I did buy 4 shirts myself just because I like them and also so I could see the quality. ​That means I am up to 7 sales total. I am thinking of buying 3 more so I can move out of the 10 tier and add more designs.

I still don't have any sales on Redbubble or Teespring (more about them later) and I am not sure why that is. I guess I will have to be patient.

​The Problem I See


Update May 21 2020: I have received both products so I will update this complaint section. I was beginning to doubt my misgivings about Teespring because of so many favorable reviews online. Delivery was in a little under four weeks and maybe that is not so bad. But, one more problem came up that convinced me to drop Teespring. 

The sweatshirt I got was black but I thought I had ordered forest green. I search through my emails for the order confirmation and found out I was right. They sent me the wrong color.

Teespring Order Confirmation

As you can see, not only was the color wrong but the estimated delivery was off by two weeks. I got it on May 21. I didn't even get the shipped notice until May 18..

That was the last straw for me. I will no longer be uploading shirts to Teespring and I will not be promoting them. Your experiance with them may be different but I am no longer ​comfortable recommending them to my customers.

​I am seeing what I think is a big problem with Teespring. Maybe I just happened to have a bad experience but I have found that the shipping from there seems to take way longer than it should. 

On April 22cd I ordered a hooded sweatshirt and a t-shirt from them. Then, on the 24th, I got an update saying the shirts were being printed. So far - so good.

After that nothing happened. The order sat at printing until May 14 when Teespring let me know that the t-shirt had shipped. Then today I got word that the sweatshirt was shipped too (the notice says t-shirt though so we will see what I get).

At this point I am still waiting so I will have to update this post when the shirts arrive.

This may be normal delivery time for print on demand products but it seems slow to me. Once the shirts were listed as being printed, why did it take another three weeks for them to be shipped?

I have done two orders through Merch by Amazon during this time and both were delivered within five days. The first order in three days!

I have not ordered from Redbubble but they claim delivery within about seven to ten days and express delivery in ​five or ​six.

Redbubble Delivery

​Redbubble delivery claim for an order on May 16

If four weeks is typical delivery time for Teespring, I can not recommend using that srvice to my customers. Besides, I am beginning to really like Redbubble. That is going to be my secondary source from now on. I will leave the shirts on Teespring for now just in case someone wants to order but I will be gradually fazing them out.